13 Mart 2015 Cuma

Lost soul

... and her mind was toxicated with the lies. Somehow it was easier for her to believe in illusions than facing reality. She was not ready to face... She was a coward! She knew exactly how terribly wrong she was but it was much more easier to live in an artifical world where everything seemed so seren. Although she was awake, she was sleeping. That was the deepest sleep she had ever had... I shouted to wake her up , i slapped her but it was in vain. She seemed so happy in her little imaginary world. She pushed everybody away who wanted to wake her up. She turned her back to everyone who tried to open her eyes. She chose not to see people who cared for her. She was not the same person anymore. She thought for once in her life she had emancipated herself but she wasn't aware of the fact that she was chained, entrapped, enslaved than ever before. She lost her personality. She lost her everything. She became someone who i cannot recognise anymore. She chose to live a life based on lies. She ignored true love and decided to chase after someone who took her everything away and turned her into a soulles monster. Her eyes are so cold now I'm not able to see the person behind of them. Her eyes are now full of hostility... She's lost... She's lost in the darkness. Whenever i try to lit a light she extinguishes it. She doesn't want to face the reality. She doesn't want to see the truth. She loves being blind. She likes sitting in the the darkness. the darkness which covers all the painfull truth. It's easier... It's easier not to see, not to face... I'm just waiting, waiting her to come back. One day she will be ready to open her eyes and till then i will always wait...

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